Mountain Blooms sources plants that will succeed in our zone with a little help from your green thumb. We handle heirloom vegetables and plants of course, with modern pretties thrown in too.

Mountain Blooms has a variety of plants for sale so dust off your outdoor pots and play.

We would be happy to green up your favourite outdoor pots or center piece for you. 

Plants available include: supertunies. calibrachoa, vines, petunias, vegetables, and bedding plants. Our plants are grown in 4" pots to give you a robust healthy plant for a head start. Bedding plants and vegetables are in 4 or 6 packs. Hanging baskets are filled with either flowers, or strawberries and Tumbler Tomatoes. Our herbs, peppers and tomato plants are in 4" pots. Heirloom tomato plants will be available.

Drop In Pots

A great feature of “drop in” is that you can design them indoors in a warm place and then carry out and “drop in” to your favourite outdoor container. The “drop in” pot is a way of protecting clay, plastic or ceramic pots from freezing and thawing which may cause cracks or bulging unless your container is rated frost resistant.

We have the following plants:

  • Annuals which germinate, flower, set seed and die in one growing season. Favourite annuals that my sister and I enjoy are black-eyed susan vines, sweet peas, pansies, begonias and asters.
  • Perennials need 3 or more years to complete their life cycle. We enjoy delphiniums as do the hummingbirds. Other perennials that provide years of enjoyment are lilies, peonies, ferns and yellow lady slipper orchids, shooting stars, fruiting trees (Evans Cherry), and shrubs (raspberry).