About Us

My sister and I have an environmental science education and love all things green, furred, feathered and scaled. We started a greenhouse business together on my sister’s home quarter about 9yrs ago. Our posies and wild and wonderful creations lure folks out on a 22km drive to Dragonfly Greenhouses south of Rocky Mountainhouse. We have been growing and sourcing a variety of plants that will help us mountain gardeners outwit the deer, frost, wind and snow.

Mountain Blooms was a seed planted in my imagination a few years ago and I am thrilled it is finally here. My greenhouse and growing space is small but will have lot’s of plants to light your imagination. I have lived and gardened in Grande Cache for 18yrs and with my background in environmental science and passion for plants I am always looking for inspiration from nature and other mountain gardeners.

Mountain Blooms is excited to encourage and support Alberta and Canadian artists. We have sourced unique gifts and trinkets to bring a smile to a love one or yourself.